Black Age

by Osseovs

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Album artwork and layout by Osseovs.
All tracks written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Osseovs.
This is music for the solitary.
Thank you for your attention.


released May 31, 2017




Osseovs Ann Arbor, Michigan

Music for the solitary.

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Track Name: Black Age
The stars have rotted out
The horizon to shadow
Memories of our ashen youth
Those lanterns now
They hold no flame

Didn't you wonder
Or fear what followed?
In absence of light
We're too far lost

Now we're living in a black age
Track Name: Untended Cemetery
Standing amidst the mossing graves
Stoic, yet sinking
A bold display of where I've been
And where I shall be

Bury me in your most bitter memory
Bury me in the untended cemetery

You will never bury me
No matter how it seems
Track Name: Cold Bloom
The cold bloom is sinking in
A bitter world is just ahead
Track Name: Barren Guild
"No one can stop me.
No one can make me stand still."
Track Name: Silent as a Grave
Modern fear
Is weighing you down
You sigh
Yet you're terrified
Clad in dread
With burning insides
And a taste
That you despise

Grasping at future
Gasping for worth
You were silent as a grave

The things you said
And what they never meant
The life you lived
And what it never meant
Track Name: Closer to Death
I have killed myself
Time and time and time again
Just to keep you away
Without the words to say

I tried to shout
But only blood poured out

You bring me close
You hold me back
You drag me down
You rot me out
Closer to death

I've been dragged down
I'm rotted out
Track Name: World of Ruin
Within this city
So devoid of light
We twist away
Boldly into the night

In a world of ruin
We'll rust in gilded gloom
In a world of ruin
I'll lay and rust with you

Idly shuddering
In monolith grey
Figure of failure
Beneath a pale moon wane

In a world of ruin
We'll rust in gilded gloom
In a world of ruin
I'll lay and rust with you

Severed heads in hand
We rust tonight